Training with us

We offer advanced motorcycle training in North Cumbria and South West Scotland; an overview of the training courses is below.

Rider Training

Motorcycle Training is delivered by members of the group who have attained a minimum of a Silver grade and undergone a Tutor qualification course.

As a new associate you will undertake an assessment ride with an approved tutor/examiner to assess your level - strengths, areas for development for example.  

You will be issued with an training log and allocated a Tutor.  It will be up to you and your tutor to arrange mutually suitable times to carry out tuition.

You will be expected to purchase a current copy of RoadCraft and the Highway Code which will be referred to during tuition - you will get homework! If you do not wish to purchase a copy, you can loan a copy from us at cost.

Once your tutor feels you are ready for test an independent 'mock' test will be offered which should give a good indication of your level, and likely grade.